Winter on Crete

For a Northern European is it strange to call the winter for the 'green season'. But this is how it is in Crete. After only a little rain the parched hillsides are covered by green vegetation and the island completely changes its' appearance.

November and December are usually mild month while January and February are the coldest. But there will always be warm sunny days with approx. 20 degrees in the sun. When rain falls it is often as very violent cloudburst. Lightning and thunder rips the sky over the mountains and the rivers transformed into torrents literally in seconds.

At the tavern everybody meet at the indoor stove for a game of cards or 'Tavli' (backgammon). And then it's time to harvest olives and oranges.

Christmas is the second most important festival in the Greek Orthodox Church. (Easter is the biggest festival). And for three weeks in February and March, it is carnival. In Rethymnon Greece's biggest carnival is celebrated with processions through the streets, masked balls and parties to the wee hours.