Nearby places to eat

Taverna Maria in Exantis

Taverna Maria is the only taverna in Exantis. It's in the center of the village and it is the place where the villagers get together for a coffee or a drink. Aristides, his son Michalis and daughter in law Roula are running the taverna. Normally, they only serve snacks and drinks, but can also prepare you a meal of traditional Cretan dishes.

The Taverna in Melidoni

The neighbouring village of Melidóni (approx. 4 km from Exantis) is a little bigger. Here, on the square you'll find several kafeneions and a taverna. If you come for a drink or a meal around 9 - 10 in the evening you'll find the little 'plateia' to be a very lively place packed with locals.

Exantas Restaurant

Restaurant Exantas is a traditional family restaurant started in 1997 by the Psomas family. It is located at the new national road some 2 km from Villa Talea. From the Restaurant you have the most splendid view of the green valley and the Psiloritis mountains. The philosophy of the restaurant is a high quality of service, and friendly familial surroundings. The cuisine at Exantas is excellent. It is based on traditional Cretan recipes and most of the foodstuffs used in the restaurant is produced at the family farm.

Restaurant Exantas has its own homepage which you can access at Here you can see the menu, read the testimonials from other guests, see pictures etc. You can even find some of the recipes used at the restaurant should you like to practise a little Cretan cuisine yourself!

Places to Eat in Pánormos

There are several taverns and restaurants in Panormos. The little fishing village at the coast about 5 km from our holiday villa. 'Captain's House' is right at the seafront with a beautiful view over the harbour and the sea. On the menu is a variety of traditional courses as well as seafood. The 'Sofokles Mediterraneo' at the harbour of Panormos has a pleasant atmosphere and serves very good traditional Cretan food. Their 'Sfakiano' casserole with lamb in wine is even recommended in guide books. Another possibility situated near the harbour with a beautiful view over the sea is the Family Tavern 'Barba-Andreas'. The specialty here is wild boar. But there are many other options in Panormos.

The 'Limni Taverna' also near the sea or the 'Stavroula Taverna' or 'To Steki Tou Sifaki' both in the old centre of the town are other nice places to go. And there are many more, that we just don't know!

When you're in Panormos you could look out for 'Haroupomylos'. It is a mill built in the 1930'es that used to process locust beans which are the seeds from the Carob Tree used for as different purposes as animal fodder, cosmetics or as a a thickening agent. There are many such trees in the area. Today, the place is used as a cultural exhibition and convention centre run by 'Epimenides', the cultural society of Panormos. They sometimes stage concerts, theatre performances and other cultural events there.

Places to Eat in Bali

Bali is a small coastal resort located around four little coves at the bottom of a valley and with a magnificent mountain backdrop. It lies just 5 km east of our holiday villa. Bali attracts larger crowds than neighbouring Panormos so in the high season the package tourism of Crete is more evident here than elsewhere along this stretch of the coast. Around the middle cove is the original fishing village. Here there is a small harbour around which you'll find several small and cosy tavernas. If you want a more lively night you can go downhill and visit the larger bars and restaurants there.

All the tavernas basically offers the same variety of food, but there is definitely a lot to choose from, the quality is usually good and the prices are very reasonable. Some of the places which have been praised by several guests are 'Alexander’s taverna' by the harbour and 'To Kyma' just nearby 'Alexander’s' and our own favourite 'Karavostasi' at the westernmost end of Bali. 'Panoramo' is the village's oldest tavern overlooking the harbor and with excellent food. There are regular performances of traditional music and dance. From time to time performed by the local Greek guests themselves.