Panormos is situated on the coast approx. 5 km from our holiday house, Villa Talea. It is a characteristic small Cretan fishing village with about 500 inhabitants. A relaxed, peaceful place that even though both hotels and restaurants are to be found has retained its character of being a place where 'ordinary people' also live. In contrast to many of the charter holiday destinations on Crete's north coast, the village is therefore not extinct during the winter.


The village has been known since antiquity, where Panormos was the seaport town of Eleftherna further inland under the name Pantomatrion or Panormus (the sources are uncertain).

Approximately 20 minutes walk outside Panormos are the ruins of a large Agia Sofia Basilica from the 6th century. It was probably destroyed already in the 9th century when Crete for a short period was a Muslim emirate.

Later in the 13th century the Genoese pirate Enrico Pescatore built a fortress on the spot. Because of this fortress the village was for a period called Kastelli. (Kastellion meaning 'fort' in Greek). The ruins can still be seen over one of the village's small beaches.

Until the 1930es Panormos was a significant port town from which agricultural products from the area around Mylopotamos valley were shipped. For a period it was the main town in the municipality. From this period are several protected neo-classical houses. The oldest bears the year 1871 the inscription above the gate and was originally owned by a Turkish merchant.

Panormos has several mini markets, a bakery, butcher and other shops where you can easily shop if you live in Villa Talea. From the small port, you can rent boats, go fishing or sightseeing along the coast.