The Cretan fauna. Fish

Here are some of the fish living in the waters around Crete. And if you don't meet them when you're swimming, may be you'll meet them at a restaurant when you're eating.

Mediterranean sand smelt (Atherina hepsetus)

Atherina hepsetus

Garfish or Sea Needle (Belone belone)

Belone belone

Bogue (Boops boops)

Boops boops

Damselfish (Chromis chromis)

Chromis chromis

Mediterranean rainbow wrasse (Coris julis)

Coris julis

Common dentex (Dentex dentex)

Dentex dentex

European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax)

Dicentrarchus labrax

Seabream (Diplodus annularis)

Diplodus annularis

White seabream (Diplodus sargus sargus)

Diplodus sargus sargus

Black goby (Gobius niger)

Gobius niger

Striped seabream (Lithognathus mormyrus)

Lithognathus mormyrus

Striped mullet (Mugil cephalus)

Mugil cephalus

Mediterranean moray (Muraena helena)

Muraena helena

Saddled seabream (Oblada melanura)

Oblada melanura

Common Octopus (Octopus Vulgaris)

Octopus Vulgaris

Common Seabream, Red porgy (Pagrus pagrus)

Pagrus pagrus

Tentacled blenny (Parablennius tentacularis)

Parablennius tentacularis

Salema (Sarpa salpa)

Sarpa salpa

Small red scorpionfish (Scorpaena notata)

Scorpaena notata

Comber (Serranus cabrilla)

Serranus cabrilla

Painted comber (Serranus scriba)

Serranus scriba

Common sole (Solea solea)

Solea solea

Parrotfish (Sparisoma cretense)

Sparisoma cretense

Gilthead seabream (Sparus auratus)

Sparus auratus

Ocellated wrasse (Symphodus ocellatus)

Symphodus ocellatus

Ornate Wrasse (Thalassoma pavo)

Thalassoma pavo

Greater weever (Trachinus draco)

Trachinus draco

Pearly Razorfish (Xyrichtys novacula)

Xyrichtys novacula