Autumn on Crete

"Has it been raining at your place?" asks Georgios, the potter from the neighboring village, one day when we are visiting. For nothing is more important when the autumn comes than the first rain. From now on, the thirsty trees gain strength for this year's harvest of what is to become one of the world's finest olive oils.

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Hardly has the flow of tourists begun to decline before the Cretans begin to work on their land. Grapes for raisins and wine must be harvested, ​​Raki (Tsikoudia) is made and the farmers prepare for the winter harvest of olives and oranges.

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Also for visitors from outside, autumn is a good time for outdoor activities. The temperature drops even though it is still comfortably warm. On good days you can swim in the Sea well into November. With fewer tourists you get more out of visiting the many historical and archaeological sites in Crete and the island's mountainous inland can be explored while hiking or going cycling or on car trips.

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