Vineyards and Wine tasting

Agro tourism

The cultivation of grapes has taken place on Crete since time immemorial. Today Crete has the most traditional vineyards of Europe producing some 20% of all Greek wine - nearly one million hectolitres a year. The four main production areas are Sitia in the Prefecture of Lassithi and Pezá, Dafnés and Archánes in the Prefecture of Herakleion. Dafnés is the nearest area to Villa Talea. The village of Dafnés lies just off the main Herakleion to Moires/Timbaki road, about 15 kilometres from Herakleion. Each year in July since 1976 this area has hosted a popular Wine Festival with traditional dance and music - not to mention free local wine! ( There are private producers as well as cooperatives on Crete. If you just drive around in the wine producing areas you may be lucky to pass by a road sign inviting you to visit a small producer. But there are also more organised ways of learning about the wine production. Some of the larger producers located in the Pezá area 17 km south of Herakleion have exhibition centres at their wineries: The Pezá Union. Union of Agricultural cooperatives of Peza, Iraklion Prefecture is located at Kalloni, Iraklion PC 70 100. ( The exhibition centre is open from 9 am to 15 pm from Monday to Saturday. The Minos Cretan Wines S.A in the Village of Pezá ( has a wine hall which is open every day during the summer. Monday - Friday: 9am to 4pm, Saturday: 11am to 4pm, Sundays by appointment. The Boutari Winery or Fantaxometocho Estate lies outside the village of Skalani about 8 kilometres from Herakleion. the estate is open to visitors every day from 10am to 6pm. (

An Olive Oil Factory

Agro tourism

If you drive through Melidoni on the way to Perama you'll find on the left side of the road about one kilometre after you've left Melidoni an olive oil factory which is open for visitors. This is where our own olives are being processed. Ioanna, who's Greek-american and therefore speaks fluent English will be more than happy to show you around and explain how the local olives from Exantis, Melidoni and the other villages nearby are turned into the very best virgin olive oil. Each year the factory produces 375.000 litres of olive oil and you'll be able to see the machinery in use today as well as old mills dating back as far as the 16th century. And of course you can buy a litre or two (at factory prices) to bring home.