The Geography of Crete. Maps of Crete

Maps of Crete

Historical maps of Crete

Il regno tutto di Candia, 1651

Drawn and published by Marco Boschini, Venice.

Map of Candia (Crete).
Il regno tutto di Candia, 1651. The map is part of a series of 61 engravings by Marco Boschini entitled "The entire Kingdom of Candia". Boschini was a painter and engraver from Venice. As a writer he was the author of several publications about painting and travel guides to different locations. The map is considered of excellent craftsmanship. It was published in Venice in 1651 with the intention of raising awareness for the defence of Crete, which the Ottoman Empire had first tried to conquer three years earlier. All in vain as the Ottomans conquered Crete in 1669.

Graeciae Pars Meridionalis, 1794.

Drawn by Guillaume De L'isle (1675-1726). Published later by Laurie and Whittle, London.

Map of Southern Greece with the Greek Isles and Crete.
Graeciae Pars Meridionalis, 1794. "It is said that Guillaume's skill as a cartographer was so prodigious that he drew his first map at just nine years of age. He was tutored by J. D. Cassini in astronomy, science, mathematics and cartography. By applying these diverse disciplines to the vast stores of information provided by 18th century navigators, Guillaume created the technique that came to be known as "scientific cartography". This revolutionary approach transformed the field of cartography and created a more accurate picture of the world". From the description by: Geographicus Rare Antique Maps.

Map of Crete

From The Geographical Journal, 1919. The Royal Geographical Society.

The Geographical Journal, September,1919. Vol. LIV, No.3I.
Geographical Journal 1919.
The Royal Geographical Society is a British learned society founded in 1830 for the advancement of geographical sciences. Today, it is still a worldwide renowned centre for geography. The Geographical Journal has been the academic journal of the Society since 1893. The map was published together with an article by the British traveller, naturalist and writer, Aubyn Bernard Rochfort Trevor-Battye, (1855-1922) about his travels to Crete in 1908 and 1909. Also described in his book "Camping in Crete", Witherby, London, 1913.

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